Yes, a new ipad is totally and utterly pure, unadulterated gadget porn but it had to be done. And more importantly, it finally got to be done by ME! Packaged in the simple, elegant white box we've all come to expect from Apple, and reading only "iPad", you first need to remove the plastic before you can get to the fun stuff.  A shiny iCloud sticker now decorates the box, and inside is your new iPad -- face up --  but still dark. Hold down the sleep/wake button for a few seconds and you'll get your first glimpse of the Retina display!

Underneath the face-up iPad are the usual accouterments -- the iTunes USB sync and power cable and AC adapter, which appear physically unchanged from last year's iPad 2. There are also the Apple Stickers, and little tips and tricks books in whichever languages are appropriate for the area.

I got the 32GB Black Wi-Fi model, so that what you see above -- Apple's latest and greatest tablet torn from the safety of its shipping container and shown to the world!

As fun as the unboxing was, however, now we're starting the really fun stuff -- testing it out!

Did you get your new iPad yet? if so, jump into our forums and show us your unboxing photos!

New iPad unboxing... iMore style!