callout_3_20100312's new iPad menu item and feature pages shed light on all sorts of interesting new details. We've put all of them into an updated version of our Complete iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 Preview article, but here are some of our favorites:

  • DRM-Free ePub support. If you already have ePub books that are DRM-Free, just drag them into iTunes and sync them to your iPad. It's an obvious thing, but Apple doesn't always enable obvious things so this is nice to see.
  • Voice Over for iBooks. Apple's terrific accessibility feature, Voice Over, will work for iBooks. Amazon got into a lot of trouble with author's and publishers over this feature and had to make it opt-in for the Kindle. It will be interesting to see if Apple got universal opt-in or just isn't afraid to pick that fight again.
  • YouTube sharing via Facebook. In addition to emailing links, you can also share them directly to Facebook. Social baby steps!
  • App Store iPad section. Apple's iTunes App Store will have a section for iPad apps so they're easier to find and acquire.
  • Data plan management. If you go for an iPad 3G, you can select and purchase your plan on a month-by-month basis right on the iPad. Choose the 256MB plan and you'll get messages alerting you when you have 20%, 10%, and 0 data left so you can turn 3G off, add another 256MB for an extra $14.99, or upgrade to an unlimited plan right from the device.

If you spotted any other new or notable gems, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the list!