Yours truly and Mobile Nations' own Kevin Michaluk, pinch hitting for iMore in Miami during the massive new iPad launch, procured our own glass and aluminum possessions at the local Walmart at the stroke of midnight, and did what any self respecting gadget enthusiasts in our position would do -- we ran over and showed them off and answered questions in front of the Miami Apple Store.

On the way in, we were stopped by the local NBC affiliate and interviewed about the hot issues of the day. Top on the interviewers list of questions was “what was the big difference” between the new iPad and the iPad 2?

Most of his questions, however, were focused on the users of the iPad and the rabid fans who lined up around the world to stand in line to get these things. We talked about the “iconic” nature as something that just separates Apple devices from the pack. It really is about the experience.

Also on the minds of the interviewer (and us all) was the memory of Steve Jobs and the impact he not only had on the new iPad, but also the impact he had on Apple faithful and if that was helping motivate people to stand in line today.

Kevin then pulled double duty, talking to CNN about the new iPad launch, and what it meant for consumers and for Apple.

Leanna meanwhile did the iMore Nation proud in Salinas, California, talking her turn talking to ABC news.

We've got video of Kevin's NBC segment below, and we'll post CNN and ABC as soon as we can find them. Check it out and then jump over to the iMore iPad forum and Tell us about your iPad launch day experience!

UPDATE: Here's the CNN video!

And here's Leanna's quick interview!