iPads mashed together for timelapse billboard video

This cute little indie photography project called Jumboltron is getting iPad owners together to make videos of putting all of their tablets together into a grid and showing larger images. There's no major corporate angle here and it's mostly just some dudes having fun, though they do reference a New York Times article for their inspiration, and they're very tongue-in-cheek about where this idea might go.

SPONSORS Not a one. This isn't some stupid advertising ploy. *Stares at you ad people, who will eventually co-opt this idea and kinda already have.*

Sure, it's all pretty hipster, but the writing is clever, and it's great to see people doing new things with their iPads. There's definitely a neat area of art that intersects with technology, and I don't just mean by way of music, photograhy, or drawing apps for iOS, but rather installations where the devices themselves are the subject matter. For example, at Mobile World Congress 2012, Huawei had a really cool pegasus made out of their most recent phones. Have you seen any cool art projects involving iPhones or iPads lately?

In any case, big ups to everybody who worked on this video. I bet it was a hassle to get 27 iPads from volunteers in one room, and getting images aligned properly for each photo. Though this particular round is done, Jumboltron is looking to give it another go in San Francisco, Los Angelas, New York, or Austin. Sign up over here if you're interested.

Source: Cult of Mac