Iphone 13 BronzeSource: EverythingApplePro

What you need to know

  • Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone later this year.
  • A new report says it's right on schedule.
  • Nikkei Asia reports that Apple has returned to its pre-pandemic launch schedule.

Another report has reiterated that Apple's rumored iPhone 13 is back on schedule for a September launch, following a delay to the iPhone 12 in 2020.

From Nikkei Asia:

Mass production of this year's new iPhones is also set to begin in August, in line with Apple's usual pre-pandemic production schedule. Apple could produce as many 95 million units between then and the end of January, though sources stressed that such forecasts are subject to review. For all of 2021, Apple aims to build up to 230 million iPhones, including both the existing and new models, an 11% growth from last year, sources told Nikkei Asia.

Reports previously indicated that Apple wouldn't delay this year's iPhone like it did in 2020. As far back as December, it was reported that we would be returning to the September launch cycle:

From our previous report:

In a research note seen by iMore, Kuo notes that iPhone 13 "will return to the same as in the past" regarding mass production time and that the iPhone processor generation conversion schedule is earlier than it was in 2020. Not only does this mean the iPhone 13 will be in line with releases prior to iPhone 12, but confirms that Apple will install the next-iteration of its A-series chip in the device.

Nikkei has also reported today that the iPhone 13 mini will be the last 'mini' iPhone, and that Apple will instead debut a second 'Max' iPhone in 2022. It also says a new iPhone SE with 5G and Apple's A15 processor will debut in the first half of 2022.