iPhone 2.0 Beta 7

A New Version of the iPhone SDK is Now Available. Seventh beta version just posted.

So quoth developer.apple.com/iphone, continuing their breakneck, nigh-unprecedented release pace for the iPhone Software Developer Kit (SDK) and iPhone 2.0 beta firmware.

As always, enterprising developers will likely comb through every string and bit in the new release, looking for new features, and hoping strike gold as they have in the past. I'm still holding my breath for video recording and... cut and paste, but admittedly any new discovery will be welcome.

Meanwhile Apple Software Update is now delivering Quicktime 7.5, one of the core components of the Mac's, and iTunes' graphic layers. If you're not prompted for it, and don't want to trigger it via the utility proper, just surf on over to Apple and grab the direct download. (Note: Mac users will require a reboot -- like we said, it's core level. Windows users, please let us know if you're likewise sent to the restart.).

Speaking of iTunes, iPhone 3G specs indicate iTunes 7.7 will be required to use Apple's new handset, so expect another update sometime between now and the July 11th first release date. Other than iPhone 3G specific support and shifting activation to carrier stores, it's unknown what else the update will bring.

Anyone want to guess? What's hidden in 2.0 Beta 7, and iTunes 7.7? Give us your best shots!