iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware On the Way?

We told you when iPhone 2.0.1 dropped, we asked you how 2.0.1 was doing for you? And we warned iPwners to stay away. Turns out people running on Vodafone (in the 10 countries they currently supply) might want to consider staying away for now as well. TUAW reports on the problems:

Specifically, users who paid to have their 3G iPhones unlocked by Vodafone* are unable to re-connect to the service following the update, and instead receive a "0xE8000001" error message. How helpful. It seems to happen on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Another problem, via iPhoneAtlas, occurs when users try to upgrade when in the radio-silent Airplane Mode:

Having Airplane mode turned on can result in a non-functional phone when the update is applied. You may receive the error message: “Information for activation cannot be obtained from the iPhone” Fortunately, you can disable Airplane mode from the emergency screen if your iPhone is put into an inactivated state by a problematic update.

If you do get 2.0.1 installed (and I confess, mine installed quickly and flawlessly), what will you find under the hood?

Apple said "bug fixes", which seems to include fixes to sluggish interface animations/transitions and app launches in general (especially Contacts and SMS). Some are claiming faster backups, more stable App Store app behavior, and better or more accurate cell strength and GPS placement. And others have even joked that, like a placebo, we'll see any update as a general purpose cure-all for what's been aggravating us.

Have you noticed any specific, repeatable improvements? Keep pounding away and let us know what you find!