Apple Insider scored some iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 screen shots, some we've already seen before, but some showing off a new goodness like the Settings option for Notification (though where Apple's usual Smiley Face w/Badge icon went to is anyone's guess). We did a quick check, and no one we contacted had this pane visible yet, so it may only show for those actively receiving push notifications, or who have done some digging through the code.

It's nice that Apple will apparently let users globally enable or disable the different types of Push Notification: Sounds, Alerts (text boxes), and Badges. It will be even nicer (perhaps vital) that we also get to selectively enable/disable them within individual apps as well. For example, Twitter can badge, IM can Alert, new RSS only Sound.

NOTE: "Carrier Settings" aren't new. They have been visible on networks like Rogers since 2.0 (perhaps because Rogers subsidiary Fido also carries the iPhone in Canada?)

They also show off some evidence of battery percentage-level numeric indicators in both black (good) and red (danger!), as well as Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard-style data detectors, which we've seen in previous betas, but are highlighted for the Notes app.

Check out their full post for more screen shots.