Over the last month or so we took a look at several of the more popular stereo Bluetooth headset options so we could get ready for the iPhone 3.0 goodness set arrive sometime today. In case you're itching to get your ears on some as well, here's a quick roundup of what we looked at:

dsc05771Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth Headset ($49.95 - WMExperts Store link): Chad thought this headset was great, and I will "suffer" through the minor ear fatigue just to use them. They provide a great value in functionality and sound great. Minus side, they're a tad heavy and aren't the best for use when lying down.

3033Plantronics Voyager 855 A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Headset (69.95 - WMExperts Store link): Jeremy said this headset is a fantastic deal. Not only will you be able to take full advantage of the upcoming 3.0's A2DP feature you get a very good overall bluetooth stereo headset. Cons include the lack of noise cancellation.

motorola_s9_iphone_stereo_bluetooth_headsetMotorola S9 A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Headset ($49.95 - WMExperts Store link): Rene's take is if you want something solid, affordable, portable, and functional for your iPhone 3.0 device on the go, you'd do well to consider the Motorola S9s. On the negative side, fitting may be an issue and they don't work well for lying down.

moto_sd9hd_heroMotorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones ($84.95 - WMExperts Store link): Rene's conclusion is if you want this form factor and sound quality matters to you more than price, these are top of the charts — easily. Cons were same as the non-HD version.