iPhone 3G S - Video Recording

Lots of smartphones have lots of features, and as Steve Jobs has said in the past -- many people don't even know about them, much less use them.

With the original iPhone, Apple popularized mobile web browsing, and the iPhone 3G too that to previously unseen levels (and AT&T has the data network woes to prove it). The App Store made getting and using mobile applications so ridiculously easy that 50,000 now fill the store and over 1 billion have been downloaded.

So now Apple is set to take on mobile video.

Like previous efforts, mobile video isn't new. Many smartphones have been able to shoot video for many years. Likewise, the Flip Mino and similar pocket video camera have become media darlings. But as with most things Apple, the iPhone 3G S is set to make shooting, editing, and sharing videos not only more convenient, but easier and likely more popular than ever.

Think about it: the video camera will be with you everywhere you have a phone. It will be constantly connected. And it will be integrated with not only MMS and MobileMe, but with the 800lbs gorilla of video -- YouTube.

Hey, dad, here's your son making that soccer goal 5 min ago. Hey, sis, here's Steve Jobs totally ordering a smoothy at Whole Foods! Hey, air force, here's that flying saucer that keeps buzzing my cattle ranch!