Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates

There's a memo being circulated everywhere from TiPb's comments to some of the biggest sites on the blogsphere, that purports to contain leaked information on Rogers -- the GSM monopoly with de-facto exclusive iPhone 3G rights in Canada -- rate plans, including data rates, which have historically been a HUGE issue for Canadians.

The information in this memo gives the impression that Canadians, at long last, might just get the same data rates as AT&T. In fact, the memo seems nearly identical in almost every find-and-replace way to the AT&T memo that leaked a while back. This has led many, myself included, to believe it's just another hoax, another way to toy with the battered-consumer syndrome sufferers north of the border.

(Of course, none of this would be possible if Rogers would just release their own plan info -- like almost every real carrier has already done!)

UPDATE: There's a second theory circulating which suggests that the memo may be both legit, and also an almost find-and-replace match for the AT&T memo, reason given Apple influence/wording or just similar contract terms agreed to with Apple.

I'm still not sure. This would be such a radically good departure towards fairness and competitiveness that I just can't bring myself to believe Rogers would do it. Please, PLEASE, prove me wrong! $30 unlimited for data, even given the more-evil 3 year term, would be industry-shifting good.