iPhone 3G in Italy

In sharp contrast to how the North Americans have started off, the Europeans (yup, including the UK) seem to be handling the whole iPhone 3G "second coming" with a lot more grace and -- frankly -- customer care. Witness Vodafone on the iPhone in Italy:

The 3G iPhone will be available to both contract customers, based on particularly simple price plans, and to pay-as-you-go users, and will include a wide range of data offerings. By choosing a contract price plan, such as iPhone Vodafone Facile, it will be possible, for example, to have an Apple phone at a particularly attractive price. People preferring a pre-pay plan for private users can buy the 8Gb iPhone for €499 or the 16GB model for €569.

Sure, the unsubsidized option sound expensive (around $750 for people on the left side of the pond) -- but at least they're giving it as an option! (AT&T, Rogers, look and learn!)

Meanwhile, Vodafone's co-exclusive Italian iPhone 3G carrier, Telecom Italia and Apple have thus far announced the following:

Telecom Italia will be selling the 8GB and 16GB models of iPhone 3G to prepaid and contract customers. Telecom Italia will also be selling iPhone 3G with the “Tutto Compreso” [all included] package tailored to meet customers’ needs.