iPhone Risk May Roundup

Back on July 11, the iPhone 3G launched in 22 countries. Along with much fanfare, hippie attention seekers, lines that would stretch out for weeks on end, and constantly crashing servers. But since Apple sold about a million of the hot new handsets that weekend, you just knew they were going to do it again.

"Today" brings phase 2, where 21 more countries are supposed to come online with the iPhone 3G. (Officially Aug. 22nd, which may or may not be "today" to you depending on your timezone). How are things going so far? Reader Anton was gracious enough to send in this report (thanks Anton!):

Now it's midnight in Estonia and I'm at the iphone launch event. No special frenzy, about 1000 people in one supermarket, a couple of DJs and a lot of light. There's just two plans offered: us$55 and $89. First one includes 100 minutes, 100 SMS and 100 Mb; the other one - 250 of each. Every extra megabyte will cost $.25 and $.21 respectively. The phone itself is $267/8Gb and $396/16Gb with $55 plan and $149/8Gb and $278/16Gb with $89 plan.

Ouch! When will telcos worldwide realize what Henry Ford did almost 100 years ago. Mass pricing leads to mass adoption which leads to mass profits. Sheesh!

So are you standing in line right this very minute, ready to get your shiny new iPhone today? Is your carrier up? Is iTunes activating? Let us know how things are going!

And if your market still doesn't have the iPhone 3G, just remember that Apple promised another 30+ countries -- a grand total of 70+ -- for 2008, which is now set to include Russia via MTS. That pretty much leaves China standing alone as the last major market sans carrier deal... for now.