iPhone 3G Thor

TeliaSonera and their Norwegian subsidiary, Netcom, are pretty much dropping Ragnorok onto Scandinavians who dared hope for reasonable price plans, but how about Finland?

Small plans start at €31.69 for 100 min, 100 SMS, and 100 MB of data, with €159 for an 8GB handset and €385 for 16GB.

Large plans are €89.99 for 1000/1000/1000, with a €1 8GB and a €85 16GB.

US$142 for 1GB of data?

But wait, there's more! Denmark gets only one (1) plan, DKK 599 for 300 min., unlimited SMS, and a paltry 300 MB of data, with DKK 1399 for an 8GB handset and DKK 1999 for a 16GB. Six months later, however, the price will drop to DKK 399, just to add to the confusion.

That's US$128 for 300MB of data for the first six months, and US$85 thereafter.

EPIC FAILURE there for the Scandinavians.

Can the Swiss offer some Euro-redemption?

Swisscom's Small plan kicks off at CHF 25 for CHF 0.68 hourly talk rate and 100MB of data, with an 8GB handset for CHF 245 and 16GB for CHF 243.

Large plans play out at CHF 55 for CGF 0.49 hourly talk rate and 1000MB of data, with a CHF 99 handset at 8GB, and CHF 199 for 16GB.

That's topping out at US$54 for 1GB... Nowhere near as bad as their neighbors to the north, but not unlimited. Is there some rule that says the colder you get, the worse the telcos rip you off?