We're going to kick off the Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S excitement with a simple browser smackdown.  The short version: the iPhone 3G S is faster in our video above, but the Pre is close and actually is edging out the iPhone after the just-applied 1.03 webOS update.  The part you actually should pay attention to is "time to content," i.e. how long it takes to load up the stuff you actually want to read as opposed to the javascripty-bits. Bottom line: speed-wise there's a hair's-breadth between the two browsers, it's so close that you really ought not be making your purchase decision based on it -- or bragging about it either way.

Feature-wise, we give the edge to the iPhone 3G S -- they are on version 3.0 while the Pre is just getting started at 1.02 / 1.03.  The ability to pop up a link in a new browser window is quite nice -- not to mention Autofill.  I myself prefer the Pre's Card metaphor to the in-app tabs of Safari, but that 's a matter of taste.

Stay tuned for more as we pit these devices against each other!

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Update: As noted in the comments and in a raft of emails, you can open links in a new card on the Pre with Opt + Space + Tap.  It works, but Palm, really, Opt + Tap isn't really doing anything here.  Just saying. Thanks everybody!