Welcome to iPhone Analysts vs. the Magic 8-Ball, where we take the often outlandish, sometime surreal predictions of iPhone analysts and pundits, blogeratti and the ‘net elite, and compare them to the potentially equally precise prognostications of a… magic 8-ball (running on an iPhone, of course!)

Mike Abramsky, seasoned veteran of of RBC weighs in on an iPhone 3G "Pro" with the following specs, and the Magic 8-Ball chimes in with its pedictions in italics:

  • iPhone 3G "Pro" nickname. As I see it, yes
  • Retail price to stay the same $199/$299. My reply is no
  • Wireless UMTS/HSUPA, Wifi, Bluetooth. My reply is no
    (Note: our understanding is that HSUPA is to uplink what HSPDA is to downlink, and someone's mixing up their UMTS technologies there and really means a 3.5G system)
  • 3.2MP camera with flash and video recording. Don't count on it.
  • 16GB/32GB storage. Most likely
  • 0.1" thinner. Yes
  • AT&T to get it before the rest of the world. Most likely.
  • Growth will not accelerate. Don't count on it.

Okay, so both of their predictions seem a little hinkey to us, but what do we know? Bring on WWDC 2009, and until then, thanks everyone for playing Analyst vs. Magic 8-Ball and be sure to leave your predictions, and your thoughts on their predictions, in the comments!