According to Gizmodo, people "in the know" have let slip that the launch date for the iPhone 3G is quite a bit closer than we had thought: June 9th. The launch will be followed up by a nearly immediate release of the iPhone 3G for sale -- that's right away folks. Worldwide availability will follow very quickly with some mysterious "new sales policies."

Last thing's first: Giz believes that these new 'policies' will be more tightly integrated deals like "point-based upgrades, discounts for switchers, and service based subvention packages." We humbly submit another idea: have you noticed that there has been a avalanche of carrier announcements worldwide in recent weeks. It's becoming clear that Apple wants to sell this thing on as many carriers as possible as is much less likely to set up exclusives.

What if, and we're just saying what if here, what if the iPhone 3G is unlocked by default. You take it home, you plug it into iTunes, and it offers to set you up with the carrier of your choice in your country (provided they've set it up with Apple) and a rebate check. If you're not interested, no worries, the just get it set up with iTunes and stick your SIM in there.

First thing's last: June 9th?! That's much earlier than we expected, but we sure as heck aren't complaining!