The latest piece of hardware to come out of Cupertino, Apple's iPhone 3GS, has claimed the honor of being ranked number 1 in Consumer Reports new smartphone ratings. Now does this come as a surprise to anyone? In all actuality, it was pretty close within the top 8 devices: (Device/Overall Score):

  • iPhone 3GS (16 GB) 73
  • iPhone 3G (8 GB) 70
  • Samsung Omnia 69
  • BlackBerry Storm 69
  • HTC G1 69
  • BlackBerry Bold 69
  • Samsung Epix 69
  • Palm Pre 67

While the race to top honors was anything but a blow-out, the iPhone shined when it came to it's 3.5-inch widescreen display, top of the line multimedia, ease of navigation, web browsing, and battery life. Devices like the Palm Pre, among others, beat out Apple's gem when it came to messaging along with superior multitasking capabilities.

So the iPhone ranked number 1 this year as it did almost two years ago, congratulations goes out to Apple for a continuing job well done!

Update - We love our friends over at PreCentral.net so to be fair we wanted to let it be known the Palm Pre did not come in last place, we simply just cut the list off after the Pre. For the full list please visit the Consumer Reports site.

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