iPhone 4 FaceTime one tap call

It seems one sharp reader over at AppleInsider has noticed that the iPhone 3GS does indeed recognize FaceTime URLs under iOS 4. 

Now most people familiar with how these URLs work will understand how this is possible.  Ever noticed if you're in a regular web browser and there's a link to e-mail someone, you'll see in the bottom progress bar a path that contains a URL that will say something to the effect of:  mailto://user@emailaddress.com?  Well, Apple uses a similar interface.

A reader by the name of Felipe Baez started to look a little deeper into how FaceTime was actually working and figured out the scheme is quite similar to the typical schemes Apple uses for apps such as the phone, e-mail, and SMS apps.  If you try and use one of these links on a 3GS running iOS4, it will recognize it as a FaceTime link but won't currently do anything.

Could this potentially lead to hacks for FaceTime to work on a 3GS? Obviously a 3GS does not have a front facing camera, that doesn't mean it couldn't be opened up to where 3GS users can view and converse with iPhone 4 users.  As of now, the audio on the 3GS won't even work, but I'd guess it'd only be a matter of time before another sharp reader or developer finds a way around that.  Whether or not it would require a jailbreak is anyone's guess.  Hey maybe a way to use the regular camera in the 3GS could become an option.  The jailbreak community is strong and I don't doubt this is something that could potentially interest a lot of them. Thoughts?

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