One of the big complaints of the iPhone 4 and HD video recording is that HD videos do not upload to YouTube in HD. However, it looks like we'll be getting this feature soon.

Here's the email that Chris T. sent to Steve Jobs:

I'm a HUGE fan of your products... MBP, Ipad 64gb WIFI, 2 iphone 3g's and now 2 iphone 4's... but I have a complaint... What's the point of building in HD video capabilities when the compression upon uploading directly to youtube makes the video's useless and not viewable? They're not even remotely viewable!! I was so excited about this feature on the Iphone 4, but sadly to say, this is a serious disappointment. In today's world, HD video is pointless if I can't upload it "as is" directly to the net.

This was Steve's reply:

You can upload them via a Mac or PC today. Over the air in the future.
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As someone who uploaded a video to YouTube expecting HD quality and being thoroughly annoyed when it wasn't, I am very excited to hear this. But how far into "the future" must we travel? Will wifi be required when uploading HD quality videos?

What do you think? Are you looking forward the future which brings this feature?