Apple’s iPhone 4 and App Store have both received entries into the Guinness World Records. The iPhone takes the record for the fastest selling portable gaming system and the App Store for the most popular application market.

The iPhone 4 award has been based on analyst estimates of first day sales of 1.5 million units which easily topped the Playstation Portable which managed a meagre 200,000 units. The App Store has achieved three records, grabbing the “most popular application marketplace”, “largest downloadable video game store” and the “largest launch line-up of any gaming system.”

Guinness has also recognised certain iOS game titles; obviously Angry Birds is in there with the “top paid for App Store game in most countries." Plants vs. Zombies took the record for the “fastest selling iPhone/iPod strategy game.”

This is the clearest sign yet, that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are major players in handheld gaming market. Do any of our readers still use a Playstation Portable or Nintendo handheld device in addition to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for gaming? Do you still need a separate gaming device or are iOS devices good enough for your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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