You knew it was coming, right? The moment Chris got his hands on the new touch screen, front-facing QWERTY BlackBerry Bold 9900, he just couldn't wait to put it head to head against the other best mobile browsers in the business, Apple's iPhone 4 Safari and Google's Android browser as instantiated on the Samsung Nexus S.

This time around, as seen in the video above the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser kept pace with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S we pitted it against and now, BlackBerry is enjoying the richer browsing experience it should have had all along.

It's interesting to note that all three (and HP webOS) are now using WebKit, the Apple-driven open source web rendering engine, but each have their own JavaScript engine and their own unique implementations. Most importantly, they're all pushing each other for better, faster, more powerful web support, and that's good for us.

Of course, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a much smaller screen (in order to leave room for that keyboard), but we're sure the good folks at CrackBerry will repeat this battle with the full screen BlackBerry Torch 9850 when they get their geeky little hands on it.


iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900 (and Nexus S) browser battle!