There is a interesting bug in iPhone 4 photos where a blue tint shows up in the middle of the image. This bug has been widely noted and appears to effect only the back, 5mp camera and not the forward facing VGA camera. It also seems to still be a problem under iOS 4.2.1. Some have stated that this may because of the lighting conditions, while others have noted this effect under many different types of light. I have not had this issue myself with my iPhone 4 or heard of any of my friends having it either. I wrote too soon! I tried taking a picture of a white blanket with my iPhone 4 for the post... and here is what happened..

After the shock lifted, I realized that at close range, I too have a blue tinge on my photos.

This is quite an annoying issue and I have been told of many people exchanging their iPhone 4's only to get another phone and have the same problem. This seems to be an issue which effects most if not all iPhone 4's. This issue also occurs with video.

Possible causes

  • fluorescent lighting
  • iPhone 4 defect

Potential fixes

  • use incandescent lighting
  • install Camera Spot Fix app
  • exchange iPhone 4
  • live with it

Want to know if this happens on your iPhone 4? Take a picture of something white like a piece of paper from close range (2 to 3 feet) and let me know what you see. You may be as shocked as I am.

Let me know if you have this problem and if any fixes have worked for you. Also, does it affect your day to day use?

[Thank you Peter for emailing in this bug!]