iPhone 4 vs. DROID BIONIC [Gallery]

Ever wonder what an iPhone 4 would look like with a monster 4.5 inch screen, a scad of ports from microUSB to HDMI, and more logos stamped on it than you could shake LTE at? Well here you go! Thanks to the phenomenal Phil Nickinson of Android Central we can now see our glass and stainless steel iPhone 4 dwarfed by the immense slab of LTE powered plastic that's the DROID BIONIC (yes, they had the technology).

There's a lot to heart about both devices and if you're on Verizon and having a tough time deciding, and the pictures below aren't enough, check out TiPb's breakdown of which one you should get and the pros and cons of each.

So Verizon faithful, which way are you leaning? Or are you waiting on iPhone 5 and Samsung Verizon Galaxy S II Facinate 4G Touch to make up your mind?

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