Apple has just posted a new iPhone 4 commercial, this one called "Every" and focused on the 960x640 Retina Display.

Calling it the highest resolution phone screen ever, it shows zooming in on a photo of a child's freckled face, the Pixar(!) movie Up, the calligraphic logo-type of the New York Times, highlighting in iBooks, the official Twitter for iPhone app, CoverFlow in the iPod app, Epic's amazing Unreal engine, and a home video.

It also confirms Apple has gone full circle from focusing on features for the original iPhone 2G, to focusing on apps for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, to once again focusing on features for iPhone 4 like FaceTime and now Retina Display. It makes sense as competition first caught up to (and exceeded) features of previous models and are now beginning to catch up on apps. Reframing around the brief window of feature advantage iPhone 4 enjoys and adding in a big fat helping of emotional resonance will solidify the already iconic Apple brand in customers' minds.

The only question is, as Retina Displays and video calling becomes the norm, what's the next differentiator for Apple? AirPlay?

UPDATE: Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac checked out the Twitter IDs shown off in the video, and sure enough, the accounts are real. The people on the other hand... we doubt it.

Video after the break.