We're going to be talking quite a bit about the ongoing iPhone 4 reception problems tonight on iPhone live! and as prep, we wanted to see just how many of our readers have the problem, have it sometimes, or haven't had it at all.

What's driving us a little bit nuts on this is the range we're seeing. Some people can literally put their finger on the antenna gap at the lower left side and use it as a network pause/play button. Others see the signal fall off but don't drop calls or lose data connection. Still others can't make it drop no matter what they do. And some have the best reception, fewest dropped calls, and fastest data they've ever seen.

We can joke and say maybe half the units are from a different assembly line, or that some humans lack sufficient water in their bodies to cause attenuation. We can take solace looking at Nexus One or Palm Pre attenuation demos that show all internal antennas can suffer from the problem to some degree. We can hear from RF engineers and antenna specialists. We can read Apple's open letter on mis-reporting of signal strength and wonder if drop is low signal, no drop is medium signal, better reception is high signal. We can buy cases and hold different and hope for iOS 4.0.1 fixes. But we can't make sense of it, not completely, not yet.

So give us some help. Give us your quick take in the poll above, and give us the details -- what network you're on, where, and what you're experience has been like -- in the comments.