Chris Vitek's iPhone 4

Attention TiPb nation, your iPhone 4 have begun arriving! Those of you who pre-orderd for delivery have scored a coup over your reserving-to-wait-in-line-at-Apple brethren. Fair enough. Congrats. Now let's get on with it:

Chris has started a thread in the iPhone Forums to share his photos and first impressions. If you've just gotten your iPhone 4, jump in there and join him. We'll take the best pics and impressions and post them right here on the front page. (Try to be in the picture with your iPhone -- we want to see you to!)

So what are you waiting for? Jump in the Forums and show it off!

  • Chris Vitek (cjvitek): The build quality seems very sturdy. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems noticeably heavier than the 3GS. While the only screen I can see if the activation screen, It looks great and I can't see any pixels (although I do wear coke-bottle glasses!).

  • RedDragons: Sweet. This thing is awesome. It feels as cool as I thought it would. Feels a little weird without having the curves(not a complaint, just an observation) Screen rocks, waitin on my buddy to get his to check out FaceTime.

  • Jfelipe83: wow i love the new iphone but it looks smaller than the 3gs any way i am very happy with it... its really fast and the screen is the best