AppleInsider is adding to the multitasking rumors we've been hearing for a while now, saying iPhone 4.0 will finally extend the same benefits to 3rd party apps that Apple's own Mail, Phone, and iPod apps (among others) enjoy.

Using a key combination, such as the double Home click that now triggers Spotlight or Camera (or whatever you choose in Settings), the current app would zoom out and you'd get a grid view of all running apps, similar to Mac OS X's Exposé feature. Tap an app, it zooms in, and you're good to go. How many apps will be allowed to run at once, and whether or not multitasking will work on older, RAM-starved iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G devices is unknown. (iPhone 3GS has double their RAM, and we're hoping the 4th gen iPhone doubles that again for buttery smooth multitasking).

Whatever the implementation, Apple has a to make sure the new functionality is enough for power users but not too confusing for the mainstream. Apple's success to date has largely been based on their ease of use as much as their ecosystem so keeping that is key.

Also mentioned again is the Universal Inbox Steve Jobs "confirmed" previously, where you can see all new email messages in one view and not have to tap into and out of each account (if you have work, home, school, or any combination of multiple emails).

Lastly, they claim Apple will allow you to pin contacts to the Home Page for speed dialing, much as you could previously pin web page icons for speed browsing. Just tap the husband, wife, friend, or partner's picture and you're off an dialing.

We still have no idea when we'll see iPhone 4.0, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a post-iPad beta launch and a typical summertime release. Right, Apple?