It is iPhone 4S release day which means activation troubles. Many people, including myself, have had their new, shiny iPhone 4S in their hands for hours, but have yet to get past the activation screen. When trying to activate with iTunes or directly on the phone, users are presented with the following message:

Your activation is still pending. You will receive an email notification once your activation is complete.

We're sorry. There was a problem connecting to the server. Please try again later.

It appears that this only an issue with AT&T. iPhone 4S customers on Verizon and Sprint are activating without any issues.

Other users are reporting of receiving an email telling them that their iPhone 4S cannot activate and instructs them to call with a reference number.

Many other users have let me know that they put in their old sim card before turning on their iPhone 4S and it started up without a problem and did not prompt them to activate. So if you have not received your iPhone 4S yet, you may want to try this first. I tried my old sim after trying to activate with my new sim, and I'm still getting the same message.

Who's still waiting to activate? Who has successfully activated? Does anyone have any tricks to getting our iPhone 4S's to activate quicker? Anyone wishing they went with Verizon or Sprint, instead?

Update: I called AT&T and they said that since I ordered my iPhone 4S through Apple, it never made it to AT&T's system and my activation never entered the queue. The customer service representative told me that the current wait is 1-2 hours and manually entered my IMEI and ICCID numbers to put me in the queue. So if you purchased through, I highly recommend you give AT&T a call.