iPhone 5 and iPad 2 still the most-used iOS devices

Apple's last-generation iPhone 5 and second-generation three-year-old iPad 2 are still Apple's most popular devices sold. The news comes courtesy of app analytics firm Localytics, whose numbers show the iPhone 5 with a slim 27% lead over the iPhone 5s at 25%, while the iPad 2 sits at 29% over the next-closest iPad Mini at 20%.

There are two distinct reasons for each set of numbers. The iPhone 5 was Apple's most popular iPhone before the iPhone 5s came out (which is now Apple's most popular iPhone), but that iPhone 5 has been around for a full year longer. Granted, it was kind-of-sort-of replaced by the iPhone 5c and hasn't seen widespread availability over the past year, but the point still stands.

The iPad 2's dominance stands for a similar reason: Apple sold the darn thing for three years as their low-cost iPad option while iterating the top-end over that. While tablet sales growth has slowed recently, the numbers of the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini (whose price was reduced to $299 with the introduction of of Retina Display version) indicate that customers might just prefer the cheaper tablets.

Of course, with the iPhone 6 due out in the very near future and ready to unleash pent-up demand for a larger-screened iPhone, there's a very strong chance that iPhone chart will look very different in a year's time. Who's looking to get an iPhone 6?

Source: Localytics