iPhone 5 casing surfaces, looks like it could hold a bigger screen

A Chinese parts manufacturer has added the above casing to their catalog, which some claim could be for the upcoming iPhone 5. You'll notice the bottom is hosting a slot for the new micro dock connector we've been hearing so much about.

The body looks long enough to house a larger screen, which almost feels like a sure thing at this point, even if it's hard to tell the aspect ratio, an object of quite some debate.

The rear plating is anchored by brushed aluminum alloy, not Liquid Metal as previously rumored. The source also claims that we'll see the iPhone 5 in more than just black and white color schemes, which is an interesting tidbit, presuming this casing turns out to be legit.

Supposedly there's some extra room around the bottom to improve speaker quality, which would be sensible given Apple's history with music, but I'd find it hard to believe they'd go all Beats Audio on the iPhone. That's a lot of info to glean from a casing, but the really interesting stuff that's supposed to fill up this casing is still open to conjecture. We're expecting LTE squeezed in there at the very least.

Of course, there's always an element of doubt in cases like this; for one, even if these parts are actually from Apple, they could very well just be prototypes and not going into final production. Secondly, Ally, our resident hardware expert, says the camera hole is too small, even if it's a bigger iPhone.

So don't get too attached to this design since it might not pan out, but for the sake of discussion, what do you think of the look? Does it fall closely enough in line with what you were imagining the next iPhone to look like? Is there enough differentiation here from previous generations to stay interesting? Personally, I'm digging the look, and love the feel of brushed metal for a backplate.

Source: 9to5Mac

UPDATE: It looks like a repair shop has access to the white casing. I'm holding out for a bright neon green one.