Apple might create a dual mode CDMA/GSM iPhone 5 based on Qualcomm chipset in 2011 and push LTE 4G support into 2012 and iPhone 6 according to TechCrunch contributor Steve Cheney:

First things first — the iPhone CDMA model due in January won’t support LTE. But here’s where it gets really interesting: sources tell me that the iPhone refresh in mid-2011 won’t support LTE either. Instead, Apple will produce a dual mode iPhone containing 3G flavors of GSM and CDMA, which operates on all carriers worldwide. If this holds true, Apple won’t support the LTE standard until some time in 2012.

TiPb, thanks to the Cell Phone Junky, Mickey Papillon, first hinted at Qualcomm supplying CDMA/GSM chipsets to Apple way back at CES 2010. That Apple would stick with 3G HSPA/EVDO through 2011 isn't a huge surprise since the original iPhone eschewed 3G and remained EDGE only.

One iPhone across every carrier on the planet maintains their huge economies of scale, their iconic, singular iPhone brand, gives LTE time to shake out, and -- of course -- gives Apple something to offer as an upgrade in 2012.

So are you happy it looks like you're getting your Verizon iPhone, angry you aren't getting your super-fast LTE 4G iPhone, or both?