Will we get an iPhone 5 in June?

Will we get an iPhone 5 in June? We've gotten a new iPhone announced at WWDC every year since 2007 yet right after Apple announced this year's WWDC rumors started to fly it would be new hardware free. Could these rumors be based on inside information, or could it just be en vogue to predict delays on all Apple products? iPad 2 was delayed, right? Only no, it wasn't. Now rumor has it iOS 5 is delayed and iPhone 5 are delayed. Only will they be?

If there isn't any inside information at play here than the crux of the "iPhone 5 delayed" rumors is Apple emphasizing software and not hardware in their WWDC 2011 announcement press release. Apple puts out one of these WWDC announcements every year, so let's take a look:

  • WWDC 2010: Apple emphasizes iPad development and iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4), we get iPhone 4 [PR link]
  • WWDC 2009: Apple emphasizes Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0 development, we get iPhone 3GS [PR link]
  • WWDC 2008: Apple emphasizes OS X Leopard and iPhone OS X, we get iPhone 3G [PR Link]
  • WWDC 2007: Apple emphasizes OS X, we get iPhone (pre-announced at Macworld) [PR link]

All those press releases emphasized software, no hardware, and yet we still got a new iPhone. Every year. So again, if Apple isn't leaking news that there's won't be an iPhone 5 at WWDC in order to re-set expectations, then a WWDC press release in and of itself is meaningless as an indicator.

Rumors are fun. Rumors fill news cycles. However there's a growing pattern of rumors about Apple product delays that just seem... increasingly inorganic. Rumor. Link. Smash rumor. Link. Rinse. Repeat.

iOS 5 and iPhone 5 may well be delayed. But I'll believe it when I don't see it.

UPDATE: Both TechCrunch (which has a mixed record) and the Loop (which has a good record) are saying no new hardware, including no iPhone 5, at WWDC this year.

UPDATE 2: John Paczkowski from All Things D is