iPhone 5 pre-orders start 12.01 am PT tonight. Set your alarms!

iPhone 5 pre-orders will begin tonight at 12:01 am Pacific Time (that's 3:01 am ET, 8:01 am BST). Sprint will star pre-orders at the same time, Verizon will start 1 minute earlier, and AT&T... hasn't said yet. Apple, for their part, has confirmed the time to Wired.

Because of the glut of people trying to pre-order, web sites can grind to a halt and even come crashing down. Stay patient. Keep trying. Get multiple machines at play if you have to. Copy/paste or screenshot any important order or transaction numbers. Breathe. Need help?

I'll probably be lining up next week instead of ordering, but if you are going to brave the web tonight, make sure you jump into our iPhone 5 Forum and join our waiting for iPhone 5 pajama party thread. We'll be hanging out with the staff and readers, having fun, and giving away cool accessory prizes to the people posting.

So get on over there and tell us what color, capacity, and carrier you're be ordering. Seriously, there's no better way to wait!

Now set your alarms! (And if you haven't already, make sure you enter to win your iPhone for FREE from iMore)

Source: Wired.