iPhone 5c in addition to iPhone 5s once again rumored for September

If the rumors are true and Apple is indeed holding the next iPhone event on September 10, 2013, then the rumors that they'll introduce not only the next high-end phone, the iPhone 5s, but a second, less-expensive phone, iPhone 5c might just be true as well. The latest to weigh in are Lorraine Luk and Ian Sheer of the Wall Street Journal:

Apple's suppliers in Asia started mass-producing components in June for both a standard iPhone featuring a metal casing and a lower-cost version, people who work at those companies said.

We've been hearing about the a less expensive iPhone for years now but it's seeming increasingly likely that 2013 will be the year Apple finally pulls the trigger on it, and for a variety of reasons.

Some have suggested the C in iPhone 5c stands for "color", as part leaks have shown an almost iPod-chromatic spectrum of variants. Others that the C in iPhone 5c stands for "cheap", which Apple doesn't do, or "China", which doesn't actual start with the letter C in China (officially, in PinYin romanization, it starts with a Z-as-in-Zhongguo).

Apple, of course, has yet to announce the event, let alone the product, let alone the name. But it's certainly seeming more likely, isn't it?

Source: Wall Street Journal