iPhone 5s and 5c to launch on Straight Talk Wireless, NET10 Wireless

Both Straight Talk Wireless and NET10 Wireless will soon offer the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to customers without contracts. Both carriers will offer the phones at full price, with the iPhone 5c starting at $549 for 16GB, and the 5s starting at $649 for 16GB. The 8GB iPhone 4s will be available for $449.

Straight Talk offers two plans to customers. The first is a $45 per month plan with unlimited talk, text and data, though after the first 2.5GB of data, your speed it reduced. NET10 has a similar plan, though it starts at $50 for the first line, with $40 for each additional one. Straight Talk's $60 per month plan includes the same, plus Unlimited international calling. NET10's costs $65 per month.

Plans from either carrier are available exclusively thorugh Walmart. The phones will be available from the carriers beginning December 13, this Friday.