iPhone 5s chipset up close reveals possible A7 model numbers, possibly a new manufacturer

Adding to the purported component leaks coming in advance of the iPhone 5s, we may have our first close-up look at Apple's next-generation A7 chipset. The model numbers printed on it may indicate a switch in supplier as well. According to MacRumors:

iPhone 5s A7 MacRumors

Aside from the photos featuring a possible dual-LED flash, the most interesting photo MacRumors managed to snag was a close-up of the actual chipset of the alleged prototype. While it doesn't have a clear A7 marking, it does indeed carry a simliar model number scheme to what Apple currently uses.

The chip in question is shown with a model number of A0698. Its predecessor, the A6 chip carries a model number of A0598. The tradition with chipsets over the past few years have been for the second digit to be a new family of processors while the first digit will distinguish between chips in a certain family. For example, an A6X chip carries A5598 model number.

More interesting yet is the K1A0062 marking. Typically Samsung manufactured chipsets are branded with an "N" marking. It has been rumored that Apple would perhaps switch to TSMC over Samsung but we weren't sure as to when.

Given these are very early prototypes that MacRumors thinks were produced in December 2012, a lot has probably changed. For now, this does look like a legitimate Apple chipset that could make an appearance in the iPhone 5s come this fall.

We've heard Apple is working on an A7, and that while it may well be faster, the key focus is "more advanced". What's more important to you guys at this point, raw power or greater battery life?

Source: MacRumors