iPhone 5S wait time shortens as production increases

The wait for a new iPhone 5S has shrunk from weeks to days since last month, thanks to increased production of the phone by Foxconn. Apple has asked Foxconn to shift production from the iPhone 5C to the iPhone 5S, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Delays getting the new phone were two to three weeks last month and are now three to five business days. Production lines at Foxconn's plants in Zhengzhou China are reportedly going at full tilt, round the clock. An unnamed executive at Hon Hai Precision Industry (which does business as Foxconn) claimed his company is turning out half a million iPhone 5Ss every day.

The iPhone 5S has been in short supply since its introduction in September, though the less expensive iPhone 5C, released at the same time, has been readily available. Since then Apple's ratcheted up availability of the phone in new countries worldwide, and the holidays are approaching. So Apple adjusting manufacturing to increase iPhone 5S production only makes sense.

Are you planning to get an iPhone 5S for the holidays? Which color do you want? Or are you already over the iPhone 5S and waiting for the next thing? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Wall Street Journal