iPhone 6

It's not just China seeing a surge in pre-orders for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, South Korean carriers have reported substantial numbers for consumers pre-ordering the new smartphones. According to the Wall Street Journal, pre-orders were set in a matter of minutes after opening on Friday. It comes as quite the blow for local manufacturer Samsung, who has attempted to shield itself from Apple's launch with the Galaxy Note 4.

KT Corp reported 10,000 pre-orders within the first minute of availability, while another operator received an estimated 20,000 orders in the first 20 minutes. Analysts believe the new iPhones sold nearly 100,000 units, three times the amount of Galaxy Note 4. It's quite the turn of events and will surely alert Samsung to a potential threat that is Apple's new hardware.

The new iPhones are set to go on sale in Korea on October 31.

Source: WSJ, via: Neowin