Kenan Aktulun of agency Truth NYC took an iPhone 6 Plus with him to capture New York City's "Holiday Wonders".

From Rockefeller Center to Fifth Ave., SoHo, and more, Aktulun uses slow-motion video and black-and-white effects to create a sense of timelessness — iconic moods and moments that are always here and gone forever.

iPhone 6 Plus was instrumental in helping us achieve our creative vision for this project—and do it in a brilliantly fast and effective way. It opened up possibilities by allowing us to explore the life and energy of the holiday season in New York, in a truly mobile way.

I remember when the Canon 5D Mark II was first used to film an episode of the TV show House. It wasn't as good as a traditional television camera, but it was good enough — and it let them get into and go places the huge television cameras never could.

The latest generation of iPhone cameras likewise are proving good enough that videographers can use them to capture their visions in ways and places even DSLRs can't. The speed, the portability, the connectivity, the way they encourage improvisation and experimentation, this can even make the iPhone cameras better in some situations.

Atkulun's videos are terrific — check them all out at Holiday Wonders. I'm incredibly excited to see what other videographers do with the iPhone 6. If you're making movies of your own, please share them below!