Welcome to iPhone Analysts vs. the Magic 8-Ball, where we take the often outlandish, sometime surreal predictions of iPhone analysts and pundits, blogeratti and the ‘net elite, and compare them to the potentially equally precise prognostications of a… magic 8-ball (running on an iPhone, of course!)

This edition checks back post-Let's Rock to see was right, and what's still left!

  • Apple Insider/Shaw Wu: Will Apple's "Let's Rock" Event disappoint? Yes TIE!
  • Apple Insider/Shaw Wu: Will Apple release new MacBooks (Pro/Air)? Very doubtful TIE!
  • Apple Insider/Shaw Wu: Will Apple unveil a new Apple TV DVR? Ask again later WASH!
  • Apple Insider/Shaw Wu: Will Apple unveil an iTablet/MacBook Touch? Very Doubtful 8-BALL WINS!
  • iLounge: Is the thicker, more tapered iPod Touch for realz? Yes TIE!
  • Ars Technica: Will iPhone 2.1 contain "secret" features? Don't count on it 8-BALL WINS!
  • MacRumors/Kevin Rose: Is Magnetosphere the new, trippy iTunes Visualizer? It is certain TIE!
  • Microsoft/Seinfeld: Will the new TV commercial help Vista? Very Doubtful 8-BALL WINS! (yeah, it's like that!)
  • Kevin Rose: Apple Event on September 9th? "Very doubtful" KEVIN WINS!
  • Kevin Rose: Firmware 2.1 debuting on sleeker iPod Touch? "Most likely" TIE!
  • Kevin Rose: iTunes 8 with music recommendations? "Cannot predict now" (asked again...) Most likely TIE!
  • Kevin Rose: New, candy-bar Nano with rounded widescreen? "It is certain" TIE!
  • Kevin Rose: Massive iPod price drops across the line? "Don't count on it" TIE!-ish (price cuts, but nothing great)
  • Kevin Rose: Mac OS X with Blu-Ray? "Ask again later" (asked again...) "Ask again later"
  • iDealsChina: GPS for the iPod Touch? "Cannot predict now" (asked again...) "Reply hazy" WASH!