Apple Watch

The sensors on the iPhone and Apple Watch could be used in an upcoming study that might someday help people who experience epileptic seizures. A new report says that Johns Hopkins University and Thread Research will begin conducting a ResearchKit study on epilepsy with Apple's products.

According to AppleInsider:

Seeking deeper insight into epileptic seizures and their effect on the human body, Johns Hopkins' ResearchKit study will collect heart rate sensor and accelerometer data from Watch, gyroscope data from iPhone and dynamic user feedback to track a variety of biometric measurements during a seizure episode, according to a source familiar with the project. The iPhone and Watch apps are slated to go live on Sept. 18.

The study will be conducted on an opt-in basis, and Johns Hopkins reportedly hopes that it will get a large number of people to enter, due to the large numbers of Apple fans who own the iPhone and Apple Watch.