iPhone and iPad

It now costs a little more to pay for an iPhone or an iPad in Germany compared to December 31, 2015. Apple has raised the prices slightly on its iOS devices in that country, and the blame can be put on Germany's private copying fees.

MacRumors reports that prices for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 5s went up by about five euros in Germany, while its various iPad tablets saw price increases of about eight euros. The price reflect the private copying fees that are set by the German trade association Bitkom:

The price increases are in line with Germany's new private copying levies that manufacturers and importers must charge on purchases of recordable media devices. Apple is a Bitkom member, so it pays a reduced rate in the amount of 5 euros for mobile phones and 7 euros for tablets. Non-members are required to charge fees of up to 6.25 euros per mobile phone and 8.75 euros per tablet.

The idea behind these fees is to give people in the recording industry royalties when owner of devices like iPhones or iPads use them to privately store their recorded music.

Source: MacRumors