Piracy exists in many different media platforms - movies, music, books, video games and yes, even iPhone applications. Exactly how big is iPhone application piracy to date? According to 24/7 Wall Street, the App Store has lost over $450 million since it's inception.

It is estimated that for every application sold in the App Store, 3 more are then pirated. Who's to blame for this? Of course, all of the blame is being put upon the iPhone jailbreakers. While none of us here at TiPb are against the jailbreak process as it's intended purpose was not related to piracy, we all knew it was simply a matter of time before someone found a way to exploit it for the sole purpose of stealing iPhone applications. This hurts the developers the most as some have reported piracy rates has high as 95%.

To this very day, Apple simply toys with the process or they turn their head the other way. It should be interesting to see if, in the future, Apple helps developers battle jailbreaking similar to how Microsoft helped game developers when they started banning Xbox 360 owners from their Xbox Live service (Online Gaming Community) for playing pirated games while online. The developers cried out to Microsoft for help and they came through the only way that is currently possible. Again, we are not against jailbreaking but something does need to be put in place to help developers fight piracy.

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