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Review: Marware Sportsuit Convertible for iPhone 3G

Looking for an armband for your iPhone? Look no further than Marware's Sportsuit Convetable! Not only is this "case" an armband, but it doubles as a belt holder too. Click to read more!

HardcoreElement Giveaways!

Check out these cases! Very cool! We will be announcing ways to win these cases in the new year!

Did you just get an iPhone 3G for the holidays?

Then look no further than our guides on getting started with your iPhone! Remember, we have Jailbreak guides and the forums are always a great place to look for answers to your questions too!

MacHeist Free Apps!

Were you lucky enough to get in on the MacHeist free app action? They gave away Mac and iPhone apps for FREE on Christmas! Read on to see what was available!

Citrix for iPhone!

This is very exciting! I use Citrix at work and I would love to have the ability to directly access Citrix without having to remote in to my desktop! Man, I can't wait for this one!

Multitouch gestures for iPhone patent

Swipe your finger(s) up, down, left and right on your iPhone's keyboard to accomplish tasks such as deletions and adding spaces. I sure hope this one comes! Perhaps in the newest firmware? One can only hope!

Looking for that $99 iPhone? Look no further than AT&T!

That is right! AT&T now has refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G's for $99. What a deal!

Another way to make iPhone ringtones from Tekzilla!

Hmph, who knew! I did it another way, this looks almost as easy!

Fake iPhone Nano shots hit the net

I am interested in this rumor too. Hey, it is worthwhile checking out the pics anyway. What do you think? Will their be an iPhone Nano announced at Macworld?

iPhones go on sale at Wal-Mart!

The day has finally arrived! Not for the $99 they were rumored to be (AT&T has that one), but still, getting iPhone's into the nations number one retailer is a good thing!