Iain Grant of Seaboard, a Canadian Market Analyst group, figures that the iPhone has caused precipitous price drops in Canadian data plans. That's right -- the iPhone isn't out yet, and yet they finger it to be the cause. In June, 1GB worth of data would have cost in excess of $2300 Canadian per month. Then, a string of price cuts over several months occurs. Now the price for 1GB worth of data is $100 Canadian per month on Bell and Telus. Rogers doesn't have a 1GB plan, but their 1/2 GB plan is now $80 Canadian per month. Like the MacWorld article says: "This price plunge is almost entirely attributable to the expectation that the iPhone is coming." He also concludes that the delay of the iPhone in Canada is entirely attributable to Rogers' unwillingness to make their data as cheap as possible, or as Grant puts it, "plans that aren't ridiculous."