A new accessory manufacturer called Buff Labs has been demoing a rather impressive transparent film for iPhone that can handle a ton of impact and scratch damage, including a ride behind a skateboard, hammer strikes, screwdriver thrusts, drops onto concrete, and yes, even a brick being chucked at it. The screen can take this thanks to four-tier construction consisting of an air bubble-releasing/repositionable silicon adhesive layer, a stretch resistant later, a shock dispersive cushioning layer, and a shock absorptive cushioning layer.

Want to buy one of these? Yeah, so would I, but there's not a lot of information on retail availability. One can only assume that they're working their way into retail channels now. Folks in the video comments are saying the skin is available for $20 - $30 on eBay.  Buff Labs made their big debut about two months ago, so one can only hope that these protectors will be available in stores soon.

Source: Gizmodo