It seems like Palm's new webOS PDK (plug-in development kit) can be used to port over iPhone games in a matter of days -- or even hours. Given how fast some iPhone games have turned up on the Palm Pre we've kind of suspect there was a little something something going on behind the screen, and our sibling site confirmed it by way of Digital Daily's pre-GDC coverage.

As just mentioned, I'll be at GDC to have a look at what they're doing. If it's really just that easy to get your iPhone games onto webOS, then Palm has once again made their platform as fr (on top of the web technology SDK and Classic PalmOS emulation).

Windows Phone 7 Series looks to be packing Xbox Live gaming muscle, so they likely won't go the same route as Palm... but could Android and BlackBerry? And if developers can keep making great iPhone games and get webOS (and maybe others) as a bonus, is that ultimately better for iPhone gamers, or does it weaken the uniqueness of the platform? If it does, will there eventually be "exclusives" like there are on Xbox and Playstation, or will Apple do more first-party games like the console makers -- especially Nintendo -- do?