Remember that Quake III video running on jailbroken iPod Touches a couple of days ago? Engadget hunted down the developers and wrung us out some more:

According to developers Cameron and Marcia Tofer of Hermitworks managed to get the game up and running on the touches in, "Between eight and twelve hours," using jail-broken units, no official SDK, and modified code that added basic accelerometer support. The game in the video is being hosted on one of the devices and played over a local network -- and the Tofers claim that running a full 64-player match wouldn't be out of the question.

A couple of developers? 8-12 hours? Without the SDK? Scaling up to 64 players?! Holy FPS! If that's what a couple of devs can churn out in a day, what can Carmack and the id software team come up with given months and offical SDK goodness? The mind boggles. Boggles and explodes.