You know, you know: the iPhone ranks up there with the PSP for sheer gaming power, heck John Carmack has said it could even be in the same category as the PS2 or the Xbox. Carmack speaks out on the iPhone often enough that TiPb seems to have a full-on crush on the guy. One tidbit that we missed during his last talk comes to us via Apple Insider and it puts our pie-in-the-sky gaming hopes in the proper context:

The verdict is also out on whether Apple has a concrete grasp of gaming, the id co-founder said. The company's reception to criticism has also been counterintuitive, which has led to its relationship with id being something akin to a roller-coaster ride.
Apple essentially kisses his ass when they need him to show up for one of Steve Jobs' keynotes, but then throws him the cold shoulder the second he passes judgement, Carmack said.

Ouch. Here's one way to get Apple to sit up and take notice, Carmack: deliver that 'graphical tour-de-force' for the iPhone you've been chatting up post haste. It's a lot easier to get a company to kiss your ass when they can wipe it with $100 bills you've helped them earn. Just saying.

Meanwhile, the gaming potential of the iPhone is hitting the mainstream media, as Time Magazine profiles the various happenings on the gaming front. Coming soon: a genuine multiplayer-over-WiFi game (Asphalt 4) and, Spore Origins (SQUEEE!), featuring "18 levels of game play and an 'Arena' mode for competing with others around the globe." We've all been waiting for Spore for so long now that we're pretty sure that when it's finally playable on the iPhone, we'll be so enmeshed in the game for so long that actual evolution will likely occur on a massive scale without us noticing it.